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(Birch Family)

Alnus incana - Tag Alder

Betula alleghaniensis - Yellow Birch
 Bronze, shinny, golden bark, may have papery ends like Paper Birch.
 Try chewing on a small branch of this tree! It taste like spearmint.


Betula nigra - River Birch

Betula papyrifera - Paper Birch

 Coming soon!



Betula pendula - European White Birch


Betula populifolia - Gray Birch


Carpinus caroliniana- Blue Beech/Musclewood
 Bark is smooth, dense, heavy and strong.


Corylus americana - American Hazelnut
 Multiple co-dominant stems.
Ostrya virginian - Ironwood/Am.Hophornbeam
 Long narrow buds.
 Has papery hops.

Corylus avellana 'contorta' - Harry Lauders Walking Stick
 Has very unique twisting branches that remind me of Harry Potters magical wizard wand.
 Tollerates drought and dry soils but prefers well drained soils.
   Also prefers soil pH of 6.8-7.7, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.
 Does very well in full sun and partial shade.