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Order: Odonata

Suborder: Anisoptera (dragonflies)
Dragonflies front wings and hind wings are different from each other, and during the naiads stage they have internal gills on the sides of there abdomen.

Family:  Aeshnidae (Darners)
This family is known as having large bodies and the same triangle markings on the front and hind wings.
Family:  Libellulidae (skimmers)
This family has much smaller bodies and the triangles on the front and hind wings are different.
Suborder:  Xygoptera (damselflies)
Damselflies front wings and hind wings are the same, and during the naiad stage they have external gills that form 3 leaf-like tails.  Also have chewing mouth parts.
Family:  Calopterygidae (damselflies)
This family has 10 or more antenodal veins along the tops of the wings & the wings are colored.
Family:  Coenagrionidae (pond damsels)
This family has 2-3 antenodal veins, wings are clear.  They hold there body horizontal at rest with there wings held together horizontally above body.
Family:  Lestidae (spread wings)
This family keeps there bodies nearly vertical at rest and there wings are spread at rest.